FLU SHOTS M 3pm-6pm W 4pm-7pm

FLU SHOTS M 3pm-6pm W 4pm-7pm

October 16, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Orland Township
14807 S Ravinia Ave
Orland Park, IL 60462
Sheila Raines

Orland Township Flu Shots

*****Mondays 3-6 ,  Wednesdays 4-7

Flu shots are free for children 6 months to 18 years of age who do not have vaccine insurance coverage or who are Medicaid-eligible, Native American or Alaskan Native. Flu shots for adults 19 and older and children 3 and older who have insurance coverage are $25. Senior high-dose shots are $40 for those 65 and older. Both the regular adult flu shot and the senior high dose flu shot is covered by Medicare Part B; a Medicare Part B card must be displayed at the time of vaccination and no Medicare Advantage plans will be accepted.

Attendees should arrive with payment and/or Medicare Part B card ready for display. Anyone receiving a shot should be prepared to complete and sign a consent form before vaccination.

Drive-thru flu shot clinics are a quick and convenient way for the whole family to receive an annual flu shot, plus an easy way for those who struggle with mobility to stay on top of his or her health.

Vaccinations can be difficult for children, but receiving the shot from the comfort of a car seat or family car can make the experience less traumatic, plus the day will also include a fun treat for all participants.


****FLU SHOT INFORMATION Flu and Pneumonia Shots Available

Orland Township’s 2017 Flu clinics are for anyone 3 years of age or older. The Pneumonia vaccines (Pneumovax 23 and Prevnar 13) will also be available at Orland Township flu clinics to adults 19 years of ages or older; consult your doctor first to find out which pneumonia shot you need.

Fluarix Quadrivalent* Flu Vaccine Prices

3 years of age and older: $25
Medicaid (Title19) card holders (ages 18 and under) can ONLY receive the Flu vaccine at

our monthly immunization clinic.

*Fluarix protects against four different flu viruses. *Fluarix is preservative free.

Fluzone High-Dose Flu Vaccine Prices
Adults 65 and older with Medicare Part B**: Free

Adults 65 and older without Medicare Part B: $40 *Fluzone HD Vaccine is preservative free.

Pneumonia Vaccine Prices
Pnuemovax 23 – Adults 50 to 64 and 65 and older without Medicare B: $100 Prevnar 13 – Adults 19 and older and 65 and older without Medicare Part B: $195 Adults 65 and older with Medicare Part B**: Free

*A Medicare Part B card must be presented at the time of vaccination.

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