Orland Township Honors Volunteers

Orland Township Honors Volunteers

Orland Township volunteers were recognized for their contributions to Township programs at a recent awards dinner, according to the office of Supervisor Paul O’Grady.

The contribution of more than 120 volunteers was recognized during the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, hosted by Supervisor O’Grady and the Board of Trustees.

After describing the work done by volunteers and thanking them for their commitment to the community, department coordinators named a Volunteer of the Year for their department, a daunting task given the number of residents who regularly give their time to help out.

“Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Township,” said Supervisor O’Grady. “They selflessly give their time and talent and without them we could not accomplish everything we do at the Township. We look forward to this annual event to formally thank them and recognize their efforts.”

Volunteers who were individually recognized for their contributions were:

Sandy Mulcahy (left), Health Services Volunteer of the Year with Nora Tuzim, Health Services Coordinator

Chris and Bill Weir (center), Senior Services Volunteers of the Year with Sue Benson (left), Senior Services Assistant and Bill Brady, who served as emcee for the event.

Sharon Heft (right), Food Pantry Volunteer of the Year with Robin Kassis, Food Pantry Coordinator.

Not Pictured: Jalen Harris, Youth Services Volunteer of the Year, who was unable to attend the event.

Orland Township’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held Wednesday, April 24th at Gatto’s Restaurant in Orland Park.