Youth & Family Services consists of three distinct and necessary components: Counseling, Community Outreach, and Prevention/Youth Commission. For appointments and additional information, call (708) 403-4001.

Youth & Family Services Chair: Antonio Rubino

Youth & Family Services Clinical Director: Kathy Passafiume, L.C.P.C.
Phone: (708) 403-4222
Email: kathyp@orlandtownship.org


Why Do People Seek Counseling?

ADJUSTMENTS ALONG THE LIFE CYCLE: Change in marital status, adjustment to family responsibilities, change in job status, aging parents, grief-related issues, existential issues, or concerns regarding a purposeful life.

CHANGE IN A MAJOR DOMAIN OF LIFE: Adjustments at home or work, or social challenges

YOUTH: Changes at home or school, or with friendships

Understanding Feelings

Once the counselor and client collaboratively agree upon goals and a treatment plan, their work together begins. An individual counseling session generally takes approximately one hour. The duration of counseling varies based on many factors. Thanks to the consistent vision and far-reaching plan of Orland Township’s Board of Trustees to continue to deliver quality yet affordable services to the residents of Orland Township, the fee for services is offset with tax dollars and based upon income and the number of persons dependent upon that income.

To start the process, call the office between the normal business hours:
Monday and Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Appointments are required and groups are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.

YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES – Click on the titles below for more information

Our clinical staff consists of counselors with master’s degrees and state licenses as well as graduate students in the final stage of their master’s level clinical training. A Clinical Professional Counselor supervises the students, and all the staff utilizes the expertise of both a PhD. and a psychiatric consultant.

The first step of the therapeutic journey begins with the phone call made by the person seeking services (if that person is 18 or older; to seek services for minor children, parents must call). At that time, basic questions are asked regarding the reason for the call. An appointment is then made to gather more information. This first meeting is called an assessment whereby more detailed questions are asked with the intent of either planning treatment or referring the individual to a more appropriate service provider.

The nature of the counseling relationship is a confidential one. Both the law and our code of ethics protect the sanctity of this relationship. No information will be released unless required by law or with written consent of the client. With the permission of the client, we work together with outside service providers.

We feel that the most effective way to circumvent negative choices in life is to teach about prevention. We offer programs including but not limited to Anger Management, Parenting and Social Skill Building. There are a variety of groups available, designed for attendees to thoughtfully reevaluate decisions, already made that may not have worked out well.

Our Youth Commission volunteers in the community, fundraises and engages in seasonal recreational activities. The Youth Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Township from 6:30 to 8 pm and pizza is served!

The Community Outreach component of the department keeps us connected and active in the Township community. We work collaboratively with the Orland Park Police and their Municipal Court. We are also represented at their “Night Out Against Crime. We are represented in the community in a number of venues including some “Back to School” nights, and in annual projects like “Project R.I.D.E.” We host speakers on timely and significant topics such as addiction and suicide prevention.

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