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General Assistance

General Assistance is offered to residents of Orland Township who have no income or financial resources and are not eligible for Federal or State Assistance.


To be eligible for General Assistance you must currently reside in Orland Township and must be a citizen of the United States or alien who meets all legal requirements.  You must be a resident of Orland Township for the previous 6 months to apply.


You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for General Assistance.


Applications are available to anyone who asks for them. Applicants will be required to complete an application and provide necessary forms and documentation before assistance eligibility can be established.

Applicant’s Responsibility

Every applicant for General Assistance must, at the time of application, furnish complete and accurate information concerning income, proof of residency, any means of support and any assets.

All applicants will be required to apply for food stamps.

Applicants who are applying for Social Security Disability will be required to show proof of application and a physician’s letter supporting disability claim.

Assistance Grant

Once eligibility has been established the assistance grant may be applied towards rent, utilities, food allowance and household products. Other needs may be considered upon request.

Institutional Status

General Assistance is not available to residents in hospitals or in private or public institutions.

Client’s Responsibility

Client must report any change in residence, income, assets, and/or family size within five (5) working days of the change. Notifications can be made to our office by letter, phone, or in person.

Client not reporting changes in income, assets, family size, residency or receiving more aid than they are entitled to are required by law to pay back a sum of money up to, but not to exceed, the entire amount of excess assistance paid by the Township.

Clients must keep all appointments and fulfill all requirements, sign all necessary forms. Failure to do so will result in termination for non-cooperation.


Persons who make false statements or who willingly deceive and misrepresent their circumstances to a public assistance agency, or persons who willfully fail to report changes in income or property owned, which affect the amount of assistance they are entitled to are subject to penalties under the law.

Any person found guilty of fraud will be required to repay Orland Township the amount of assistance received and, in addition, may be fined, imprisoned or both.

Terminated Employment/ Job Services

If you voluntarily left your job without just cause, you may not apply for General Assistance for 30 days from the date of termination. You are also required to maintain current registration with Illinois JobLink . You must bring paperwork that shows you have applied.