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February 17, 2021


Orland Township Presents Seminars for Job Seekers Learn the importance of social media and online skills when looking for employment Orland Township will offer two seminars to help residents update and adapt their skills for the current, online job market, according to the office of Orland Township Supervisor Paul O’Grady.

The seminars will be two weeks apart and focus on different areas that are important to be familiar with when seeking employment.

The first seminar will be held Tuesday, March 2 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and will focus on the use of social media, LinkedIn® and the value of personal branding.

The second seminar will be held Tuesday, March 16 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. This seminar will cover topics that include web-based interviewing and landing the job.

Both seminars will be held at Orland Township, 14807 S. Ravinia Ave., Orland Park.

“Today’s job market is very competitive due to high unemployment numbers from the pandemic shutdowns,” said Supervisor O’Grady. “Orland Township is offering these free seminars to help residents adjust their job search skills to include online resources and virtual interviewing, which most employers now use.”

Both seminars will be led by Dr. Maribeth Hearn, a career readiness expert for Vocational Strategy, Inc. Dr. Hearn’s extensive knowledge of LinkedIn® strategy and personal branding helps her lead people to discover their vocation and then thrive in the workplace. Dr. Hearn is a strategic thinker and effective leader thanks to her 20 years of award-winning business leadership and over 10 years as an adjunct professor at a private Midwest university.

Both seminars are free to attend but space is limited so registration is required. To reserve a seat in one or both seminars, call Orland Township and contact Alexis at (708) 403-4222 or e-mail 

Social distancing will be observed during the seminars and attendees will be required to wear a face mask. Attendees may also wish to bring a copy of their resume to review and update during the seminars.