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Get It Straight-Drug Facts 101

Have you noticed any recent changes in your child’s behavior or choice of friends? Do you suspect or know that your child has experimented with alcohol or drugs? This informative workshop will allow parents and adolescents to confront the world of substance use and abuse. The group’s focus is directed towards adolescents, ages 12 to 18.

An individual screening is needed PRIOR TO the start date. This screening is included in the workshop fee.

Responsible Risk Taking

This program encourages participants, ages 13 to 17, to make responsible choices through thoughtful discussion. Attendees learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy risk-taking, and how to understand the consequences of poor choices, while discovering positive means of distinguishing themselves from others.

Forever Exposed

Social media has become a constant in everyday life. This preventative and educational program is designed to help teens think before they post.