Recycling Information

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The Orland Township Highway Department offers various recycling services to residents.  The following services are located at 16125 S. Wolf Road, Orland Park and the hours they are available to the public is Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The Department is CLOSED to the public on Saturday and Sunday.  Please call (708) 403-5148 with any questions, or if you should need further assistance.

Electronic Recycling

Please click here for a list of items that will and will not be accepted for electronic recycling.

Televisions and computer monitors require the purchase of a coupon to be accepted for electronic recycling. Coupons can be purchased in advance by visiting or upon drop off, by credit card only.

Coupon Fee for All Televisions and Computer Monitors

Screen (measured diagonally) smaller than 21 inches: $25

Screen (measured diagonally) 21 inches or larger: $35

Recycling Bins

The Highway Department has three forms of recycling bins on-site for various items.


The Paper Retriever Bin is yellow and green and is specifically for newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office/school papers and junk mail. Recycle mail only if you feel comfortable leaving it in the recycling bin.




The blue WeSort container is for items such as cardboard boxes (cereal, tissue, frozen food), cartons (milk, juice, broth, soup), aluminum, tin and other metal cans, and plastic bottles. Please click here to see a list of acceptable items.




ProShred bins are available for on site drop-off use. Place any materials you have in these secured bins and ProShred will pick up and shred the items for safe and confidential disposal.






Other Recycling Resources

Orland Township frequently receives inquiries from residents concerning how and/or where they can dispose of items such as compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, batteries, or oil-based paint. Our department always tries to help residents find a proper disposal site and we would like to share an online recycling directory we have found to be useful and easy to use:

At that site, you will find a list of items commonly recycled. Simply click on an item and enter your zip code and the closest recycling location(s) will appear on the screen. If an item you would like to dispose of is not listed, you can enter the item in the designated box along with your zip code and the closest location(s) for recycling that item will appear.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) also provides useful information as well as collection sites for household hazardous waste. Please visit for more information.