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Minor Home Repair Program

Are you unsure of how to find someone to hire to handle your minor home improvement project or repair? Orland Township has compiled a list of local, professional handymen and their specialties to aid in your search. The individuals and companies on the Minor Home Repair Program list are not affiliated with or endorsed by Orland Township, but they are all licensed, bonded and insured. This resource is listed here for all members of the public. Click here to view the list.

Senior Driving Programs

“Rules of the Road”

This is a review test for seniors required to take the written or driving test in order to renew their driver’s licenses. This FREE class is offered three times a year.

2023 sessions are all on Mondays from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Aug. 21

Nov. 21

Drivers’ Safety Class

This two-day class is designed to help older drivers improve their skills and safety behind the wheel. Course completion may qualify participants for a discount on the liability portion of their automobile insurance.

The class is held in the Orland Township Board Room, 14807 S. Ravinia Ave. The two-day sessions are typically held from noon to 4 p.m. each day and participants must attend both days. The fee is $20 for AARP members ($25 for non-members) and is payable to the instructor on the first day of class. Please call for availability.

Senior Phone Programs

Free Amplified Phone Program

The Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC), as part of a mandated program, provides free amplified telephones to those who qualify. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Illinois, have active phone service (home, cellular, pre-paid) and have a physician certification stating you are unable to use standard phone services. There are no age or income requirements. For more information click here.

Cell Phones for Seniors Program

Orland Township, in partnership with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office, sponsors the Cell Phones for Seniors program. This program provides seniors with free cell phones that are programmed for emergency use only. There is no service plan with the phones; they can only be used to dial 911.

Applications for both phone programs are available at the Township office.

RTA Senior Ride Free Program

Orland Township is a Regional Transportation Authority key center, providing photo service and registration. Senior citizens, ages 65 and older, may register in person for the Seniors Ride Free card. Individuals who are disabled and are receiving help through the state’s program IL-1363 may also register for the free ride program. There is a $5 fee for Orland Township residents, and non-residents pay an $8 fee. In order to obtain the card, you must bring in one of the following photo IDs:

  • Driver’s license with a photo and date of birth
  • State identification card
  • U.S. Immigration Alienation Card, front and back, and Official Government I.D. with photo and date of birth

Applicants receive the actual card by mail, direct from the RTA, within six weeks. Click here for more information.

Reduced Fee License Plate Stickers

The state Department on Aging’s Benefit Access Program, formerly known as Circuit Breaker, allows the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to provide reduced-fee license plate stickers for senior citizens and persons with disabilities who meet specific qualifications.

An application must be submitted online at the Illinois Department on Aging’s website. Paper applications are not available. For more information, go to Illinois Department on Aging or call the Township at (708) 403-4222.

Free Prescription Delivery

Tinley Park Pharmacy, located at 18210 S. LaGrange Road, Tinley Park, offers free prescription delivery. Click here for more information.

Diabetic Shoe Program

Orland Township, in conjunction with AD Medical, Inc., sponsors a diabetic shoe program for individuals living with diabetes. Individuals who qualify will be professionally fitted for proper shoes and/or insoles.

To qualify for the program, one must be under a physician’s comprehensive care plan for diabetes and that doctor must sign a certification statement. Therapeutic shoe programs are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most PPOs; check your policy for details. For more information on the Diabetic Shoe Program, contact the Township at (708) 403-4222.

Five Wishes Living Will Program

Five Wishes is a living will that allows individuals to specify their medical, personal, emotional and spiritual needs should they become incapacitated. It also allows individuals to choose who will make healthcare decisions on their behalf if they are unable to make those decisions themselves.

Written with the assistance of the American Bar Association, the Five Wishes Program is a simple form to complete and, once signed, is legally valid in Illinois. For more information on the Five Wishes Program, contact the Township at (708) 403-4222.