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Street Maintenance
Repairs, maintenance, resurfacing and rehabilitation of the Township road district’s street system infrastructure require an ongoing management program to identify and prevent premature failure of the pavement base and surface. Maintenance and repair activities include asphalt patching, pothole repair, sweeping, shoulder grading, and crack sealing.

View and download the application for new construction and erosion control permit here.

Planning to Dig? Call Julie first at 811 or 1-800-892-0123

Street Signs & Lights
Repairs, removals, additions and enhancements of signs and pavement markings are generated by verbal and written requests from residents, police reports, and township road district staff. If you are aware of a street in the unincorporated area that is missing a sign or of a street light that is out, please call the Orland Township Highway Department at (708) 403-5148.

Orland Township Highway Department easements (the area between curb and sidewalk) are to be used only for the placement of utilities, fire hydrants, and United States Post Office approved mailboxes. Basketball hoops are not permitted.

When a property is damaged because of sewer repair or culvert replacement, the minimal time before restoration begins is approximately three months. This time is needed to allow the ground to settle and fill the voids created by excavating. Weather has a bearing on how fast the ground will settle.


Drive Carefully
Please observe all speed limit and caution signs and always watch out for children and pedestrians. To report vehicles exceeding posted limits, call the Cook County Sheriff’s Police at (708) 865-4700.


Attention Unincorporated Residents
The Cook County Building and Zoning Department requires a permit and drawings for flat work (driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.) that affect surface drainage and/or modifications to site topography which can affect surface drainage. See the Cook County Building and Zoning website for more details.