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Orland Township hosts several special events throughout the year for seniors that encourage them to showcase their talent and have fun. While these events promote community togetherness, they also raise money for the Orland Township Scholarship Foundation, providing funds for local students who are embarking on their college careers.


Orland Township Senior American Idol

Based on the popular television show with a similar name, seniors compete by singing their favorite songs in an effort to be crowned Orland Township Senior American Idol.

Dancing with the Senior Stars of Orland Township

Based on the popular television show with a similar name, senior couples show off their dance skills and compete for the Orland Township Mirror Ball Trophy.

Senior Dating Game

Modeled after the popular hit television game show “The Dating Game,” pre-chosen bachelors and bachelorettes are escorted on-stage to compete for a date by asking or answering a variety of questions, while hidden from each other’s view. Winning couples are treated to evening on the town, including dinner at a local restaurant. Orland Township is currently seeking seniors interested in participating in the Senior Dating Game, register HERE.